Indah - the Indonesian word for beautiful

The journey began when we were traveling in a part of the world where coffee is grown, yet where the traditional methods of preparation were a thing of the past. Convenience surpassed the simple elegance of a patiently brewed pot of coffee. We searched and found ourselves exploring farms where coffee plants are cultivated; where careful workers select the ripe fruit; where it’s washed, hulled and dried. We immersed ourselves in coffee’s journey from seed to cup.

As we savored our new knowledge of this process, we discovered a quaint, little cafe that roasted their own beans right in the shop — beans in season, fresh from harvest. We found inspiration. We found beauty. It was like drinking coffee for the first time.

With a desire to share this experience with our community, we began roasting coffee with a little red roaster at Soda City Market in Columbia, SC, in 2010. Customers were immediately drawn to the wafting aroma, as the beans transformed from green to golden brown right before their eyes.

We continue to develop our roasting craft, our brand, and our brewing process to ensure that you are receiving the finest and freshest product possible. In fact we seek to reveal the distinct flavor, aroma, and body within each unique bean — this brings about the beauty that is experienced and tasted within each cup. That is why we roast in small batches and why you will find the roast date on the front of our bags.

The aroma grabbed us from the first sip and has yet to let us go.

Indah – Sharing Beautiful Coffee,
Nick and Stefanie Hauser